Door Entry

Our basic Entry Control Systems allow the two way audio communication between entry points of visitors and your offices thus enabling their identification, and allowing entry by the control of doors, turnstiles, lifts or vehicle barriers.

These can be expanded to accommodate multi-tenanted buildings where there are multiple entry points allowing access to individual companies on different floors.

Our Video Entry Control Systems allow the visual verification of visitors in addition to the audio communication. The entry panels have covert CCD cameras installed with the image displayed on discreet desktop monitor handsets.

Added features include the recording of camera images when the offices are closed, which can be reviewed when you return, the linking of the Entry Control System to your telephone network and the utilisation of existing LAN networks to connect door stations and handsets.

Vitech Systems are able to offer the installation of the following systems:

  • BPT
  • Videx
  • Fermax
  • Aiphone

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